Residential Lockouts Swampscott, MA – Swampscott MA Locksmith Store


Swampscott MA Locksmith Store Swampscott, MA 781-527-5313Theresidential lockout service from Swampscott MA Locksmith Store has a few unique features:

  • Fastest response
  • Quick resolution
  • Non-destructive door opening
  • 24/7 service availability
  • Affordable repairs in case of any damage to the lock or the door
  • On the spot installation of new locks if the lock gets damaged during the lockout

Our locksmiths are trained to offer quick resolution to lockouts and more often than not you will find them at your location within 30 minutes of your call. Our residential locksmith team works tirelessly to offer you the following services:

Residential lockouts service: Reaching us after a residential lockout is very easy. Simply pick up the phone and call us on 781-527-5313 at any time of the day. Our team will reach your location at lightning fast speed and take care of the problem.

Rekeying locks: Rekeying a lock is an inexpensive option. You can opt to rekey the lock at your home right after a tenant has left your property in case you feel they might still have a spare key to your property. 

Repairing break-in locks: If you need repairs right after a break-in, call us. We are available 24/7 and will replace any broken door, lock or window in no time at all. 

Replacing locks: If a lock on your door has been bothering you constantly by failing to lock multiple times, then it’s time to change it. Swampscott MA Locksmith Store offers home owners the option to choose from various locks and installs them at reasonable rates.


Unlock all types and brands of doors: Our team has been trained to open any kind of door or lock, no matter what brand or type. During training, our focus is aimed at giving our locksmiths a chance to familiarize themselves with different door and lock brands so that when they are actually in the field they are easily able to recognize the type and open it without much trouble.

Damage - free residential lockouts service: Opening a door without damaging the lock or the door takes skill and knowledge. Not every amateur or untrained locksmith can open a door without causing any damage. Our team of experienced locksmiths has worked for years to gain the skills required to address residential lockouts without damage and with the backing of the tools at their disposal, more often than not, they open doors without drilling the lock or sawing off the door.

For a quick resolution to residential lockouts in Swampscott, MA, call us on 781-527-5313.