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Swampscott MA Locksmith Store Swampscott, MA 781-527-5313Situations, where a client ends up locking themselves out of their home, are not rare. Almost every day we end up tending to a customer who has lost access to their home, car or office because they either locked themselves outside their property or broke the lock into the key. The most recent example that comes to our mind is of a customer who bought a keypad lock for his front door. A very good option but what if you forget the combination on the lock? That is what happened with this customer. The lock that was supposed to protect him, ended up locking him outside his own home. But this customer had used our services before and without thinking about the odd timing, he called us for emergency locksmith opening services. He knew that he would get an optimal solution that too quickly. That is what happened, we simply drove to their location and hacked into the keypad lock and opened the door without damaging the lock or the door.


Swampscott MA Locksmith Store offers a wide range of services and you can turn to us at any time of the day for a quick resolution to your lock and key problem. But when it comes to offering emergency locksmith opening services, you will find that there is no one better than Swampscott MA Locksmith Store:

Door unlocking

Due to constant usage day in and day out, doors and especially the locks are susceptible to accidental locking. And with the modern locking systems becoming common these days, you need to hire someone who understands a modern locking technology in and out.

Safe opening

Opening a safe is not the same as opening a door or car lock because is safe is built to be almost impenetrable. But that doesn’t mean that it cannot be opened in the case of an emergency. The combination and electronic locks can be decoded with the use of proper tools and in case they cannot be decoded, our emergency locksmith opening team will simply pry it open with no or very little damage to the safe.

Car trunk unlock

Car trunk lock is another complex lock. In fact, our locksmiths spend a lot of time during their training to understand how to successfully open a car trunk lock. Even by using brute force, you cannot open a trunk lock because like a safe they are also built to be almost impenetrable. But our locksmiths, who have been specifically trained to open such locks can do it with relative ease.

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